Transmission System

Transmission System


Universal Joint For Mitsubishi 14501-27000

The Mitsubishi 14501-27000 Universal Joint for automotive parts offers features and advantages such as high sealing performance, premium bearings, durable rubber boots, rust-resistant coating, and precision manufacturing. It effectively addresses issues such as oil seal leakage, bearing jamming, ageing of rubber boots, bearing fracture, rusting, and detachment, improving driving safety, extending the service life of the transmission system, and enhancing the driving experience.

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Universal Joint For Toyota 04371-10011

The Universal Joint for Toyota 04371-10011 is a high-quality car accessory designed for Toyota vehicles. It offers exceptional wear resistance, lubrication, bearing performance, shaft sleeve protection, and rubber sleeve dampening. This ensures stable transmission, an extended lifespan, and improved driving comfort and safety. Suitable for various Toyota models.

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Clutch For Nissan 30100-D3600

The Nissan 30100-D3600 clutch is a high-quality automotive accessory designed for Nissan vehicles. It offers exceptional performance and reliability with features such as high wear resistance, powerful pressure plate effect, high load-bearing capacity, stable operating system, and overall high performance and reliability.

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Clutch For Toyota 22400-63J01

The Toyota 22400-63J01 clutch is a high-quality component designed for Toyota vehicles. It offers smooth shifting, reduced noise, eliminates pedal slack, prevents overheating, and has adjustable features. With leak-proof seals and high transmission efficiency, it ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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